Walking Sticks by Wayne Proffitt

wayne proffittWayne Profit was drafted in 1964 during the Berlin Conflict with Russia. He Army division was sent to Berlin to guard the Wall. In 1966 he came home and was hired by Goochland County to work in the Special Police division.

He served his community until his was stricken with Lyme’s Disease and could not continue to work. Sadly, he was just three years short of qualifying to receive a pension.

His whole body was assaulted by the disease and he did not respond well to treatment. His mobility was seriously affected and his doctors told him that he would need to use a cane for the rest of his life. That news did not sit well with Wayne who had been an avid outdoorsman all his life.

He thought back to long hikes he used to love to take in the Blue Ridge Mountains. On those treks he would find a long tree branch with a big knot on one end. With his hunting knife he would test the hardness by cutting a few Xs in the wood, then quickly slice off the branches and cut a flat bottom. Then he would add a rawhide cord to slip his wrist through in case he slipped and dropped the stick. A good walking stick always made a long hike seem much more pleasurable.

Wayne decided to fabricate a walking stick that would be an appropriate replacement for a metal cane. He researched all types of woods. He asked his son to take him to a local stand of woods where he searched for Iron Wood, Carpinus virginiana.

He decided to add some embellishments since it was going to be his constant companion. He whittled a few designs on the shaft. He crowned his staff with a beautiful knurled knot that he had found on a tree years earlier. He lacquered it so it would be weather proof. When it was finished Wayne was pleased with his creation.

Wayne enjoyed the process so much he made another walking stick, and another…………. Making them has become his favorite way to pass the time. He sells his walking sticks to pay for the medical and prescription expenses that aren’t covered by his Veteran’s benefits.

Please help Wayne out and give one of his walking sticks to a special someone on your Christmas list.

Wayne asked us to help him sell his walking sticks because he is recovering from surgery and cannot do it himself. We have his walking sticks for sale at our farm. Please come by as we have about 30 to choose from.