Non GMO Poultry Feed – Chicken Feed

A couple of years ago, a batch of commercial chicken feed we bought from a local feed store must have had aflatoxins in it. Twenty-four hours after feeding it, we found a bunch of dead chicks. We stopped feeding it and no more died. We had been dreaming of making our own feed for years. The dead chicks were the motivation we finally needed.

To make Non-GMO feed we used ingredients like peanut hearts, trail mix, barley and wheat middlings. Each month Steve drove down to North Carolina to pick up a bulk load of peanuts. Then he made another trip to pick up a load of trail mix. Then there was a local trip for middlings and another for barley. Picking up all the ingredients added a lot of hours to making our own feed.

Winter came and feed making started to become a chore to be dreaded in the cold. Spring wasn’t so bad and we were still content making our own feed. Then our first summer of feed making came. Whoever got the task left the barn looking like the Pillsbury dough boy. It’s hard to describe the feel of grain dust covering every orifice of a sweaty body.

We decided it was time for a vacation from feed making and started looking around for a feed that was similar in quality to what we had been making. We found it over the Harry Nice Memorial Bridge in southern Maryland where there is a small Amish community. The feed makers are members of the Stoltzfus family. They take pride in making feed the old fashioned way and use top quality ingredients.

We now feed Amish made Non-GMO Layer and Grower to all our birds. They love the feed and they look great. We also have the feed available for purchase. Several of our customers have told us that their hens lay more frequently and lay larger eggs since switching to the Amish feed.

Come pick up a free sample and do a taste test with your birds. Put a dish of our Amish feed next to their regular feed and see which one they prefer.

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