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Dunreath Farm
13101 Ashland Road
Ashland, VA 23005

Quickly and Effectively Rid Your Yard of Ticks and Bugs

Each day our yard is patrolled by the ultimate in bug destroyers. They carefully and methodically cover the yard inch by inch from sun-up to sun-down. Who are the bug destroyers - Ducks.  If you are considering adding ducks to your flock, call to make an appointment to see our ducks at work.

Pre-Order Golden Comet Laying Hens

Available August 29, 2015

Click Here

Golden Comet Hen for sale

Golden Comet Hen

  • Quickly Rid Your Yard of Ticks and Bugs Naturally (Ashland)
    We are enjoying our 4th year of having a yard that is completely free of ticks, fleas and all other seasonal pests. Best of all we did it without using any chemicals. Our pest control system is cheap and easy to maintain. Each day our yard is patrol […]
  • Ameraucana Easter Egger Female Chicks (Ashland) $7
    The little kid in all of us never tires of opening up an egg carton and seeing a rainbow of green and blue eggs. Colored eggs just seem to taste better too. Ameraucana hens come in a beautiful assortment of colors and are excellent layers. They are […]
  • Soy Free Non-GMO 5 Grain Scratch Chicken Feed (Ashland)
    Our handcrafted GMO FREE scratch is soy free and made from the following grains - Non-GMO corn, wheat, barley, peanuts and sunflower seeds . It is 15% protein and is high in healthy fats. Our scratch is made the old fashioned way - one small batch a […]
  • Handcrafted Non-GMO Chicken Feed (Ashland)
    You can see and smell the difference with our freshly made GMO FREE poultry feed because it is handcrafted and made in small batches the old fashioned way. Our customers have told us that after feeding our layer feed for a few weeks their hens lay mo […]
  • Adult Toulouse Geese Breeding Pairs (Ashland)
    We love Toulouse geese because they are very friendly and are non-aggressive. Each adult goose are kind and gentle to us.They do get tough when predators come around so they have been great protection for our other poultry. We have adult breeding pa […]
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    Come to Our Backyard Chicken Keeping Class Have you been yearning to try out backyard chicken keeping but don't know how to begin? Learn all about keeping chickens. Buying chicks or full-grown chickens, best breeds of chickens, what to feed them, co […]

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