We are OPEN. We will be maintaining our normal business hours through this storm event. We are open Thursday through Monday 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. if you need feed. We have Poultry Layer, Poultry Grower, 5 Grain Scratch, Sheep/Goat, and Hog feed in stock.



Dunreath Farm
13101 Ashland Road
Ashland, VA 23005

Quickly and Effectively Rid Your Yard of Ticks and Bugs

Each day our yard is patrolled by the ultimate in bug destroyers. They carefully and methodically cover the yard inch by inch from sun-up to sun-down. Who are the bug destroyers - Ducks.  If you are considering adding ducks to your flock, call to make an appointment to see our ducks at work.

Golden Comets Available Now!

Golden Comet Hen for sale

Golden Comet Hen

These popular birds are superb layers of huge brown eggs and lay year round better than most heritage breeds. Most of our customers who bought our Comets have been getting 7 eggs per week. They also have a very kind and gentle temperament. They are $16 each.

  • Fabulous Laying Hens (Ashland) $16
    We have 21 weeks old Golden Comet pullets that will start laying in a few weeks. They are priced at $16 each. We offer a discount for 50 or more. Golden Comets are a Rhode Island Red/Leghorn cross. Because they are a hybrid they average 7 jumbo brow […]
  • Peafowl Pairs and Peacocks (Ashland)
    Have you been dreaming about seeing peacocks strutting around your yard? We have 3 pair of India Blue peafowl available. They are 9 months old of age. The peahens and peacocks have been living together so will transition well to a new home. They are […]
  • Handcrafted Non-GMO Chicken Feed (Ashland)
    You can see and smell the difference with our freshly made Non-GMO poultry feed. It is handcrafted and made in small batches the old fashioned way by the Amish. Our customers have told us that after feeding our layer feed for a few weeks their hens l […]

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