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The Golden Comets have arrived.

If you per-ordered, please contact us to make arrangements to pick up your lovely ladies.  If you have a pet carrier, that would be the best way to take your hens home.  Limited boxes are available for transport.

If you have not per-ordered, that's OK. We still have some available. Call or email to reserve yours now. They will sell out quickly.

Golden Comets are superb layers of huge brown eggs and lay year round better than most heritage breeds. Many of our customers who bought our hens have been getting 7 eggs per week. This breed of chickens is a Rhode Island Red cross. The price is $15 each. Call 804-798-9052

  • Rare Red Dorking Chicks (Ashland)
    The Dorking is among the most noble and ancient of poultry breeds. The earliest record of them is found among the writings of Columella, a Roman agricultural historian of the first century A.D. They are believed to have been brought to England with t […]
  • Khaki Campbell Ducklings (Ashland) $7
    Khaki Campbells are sweet and calm which makes them perfect children's pets. The females are a beautiful seal brown and the males are seal brown with an emerald green head. They are excellent layers and their eggs taste just like chicken eggs. We wi […]
  • 6 Week Old Female Chicks (Ashland)
    We have 6 week old White Rock, Ameraucana and Black Star female chicks. They are almost fully feathered and will be ready to live outside in a coop next week. Our 6 week old pullet chicks are $9 each. We guarantee they are females. If one turns out […]
  • 3 Week Old Barred Plymouth Rock Pullet Chicks (Ashland) $7
    Barred Rocks are excellent layers of large brown and tinted brown eggs. They will usually produce up to 200 eggs per year during their first few years of laying.They are cold hardy, easy to care for and a dependable winter egg layer. Rocks thrive in […]
  • Brama Pullets with Guarantee (Ashland) $6
    The Brahmas are a very old breed from Asia, probably originating in India and brought to this country about 1850 by Yankee sailors on their return from trading in Far Eastern ports. Because of its massive size, full feathered shanks and toes, and str […]
  • Free Range Duck Eggs (Ashland) $5
    Duck eggs are great for baking, rich in Omega 3s and taste great. Our ducks free range on pasture and are supplemented with non-GMO feed. $5 per dozen or 2 dozen for $9. Call 804-798-9052. On Dunreath Farm we have a passion for poultry. We also rais […]
  • Darling Ducklings (Ashland)
    We have cute Pekin ducklings. Pekins are great bug eaters and egg layers. $10 each - call 804-798-9052. On Dunreath Farm we have a passion for poultry. We also raise guineas, chickens and geese. […]
  • Ameraucana Easter Egger Pullets with Guarantee (Ashland) $6
    The little kid in all of us never tires of opening up an egg carton and seeing a rainbow of green and blue eggs. Colored eggs just seem to taste better too. Ameraucana hens come in a beautiful assortment of colors and are excellent layers. They are […]
  • Guinea Keets and Adult Guineas (Ashland) $7
    Get ready for bug season with our Jumbo Pearl Guinea keets. Jumbo guineas are 30% larger so they have the potential to eat 30% more bugs. They also do not fly high or long distances so they are much more likely to stay on your property and not wander […]
  • Classic White Silkie Chicks (Ashland) $6
    The Silkie Bantam is the most popular and most loved of all the ornamental chicken breeds. They're the poodle of the chicken world, complete with hair-like plumage and an incredibly sweet temperament. In addition, Silkie hens make wonderful mothers a […]
  • Rare Colored Muscovy Adults & Ducklings (Ashland)
    We are very proud of our flock of rare colored Muscovies. We have blues, lavenders, browns, tans and looney colors in our flock. We have ducklings starting to hatch and priced at $10 each. We have a few adults available too - hens are $20 and drakes […]
  • Guard Geese (Ashland)
    Last year we had a terrible problem with predators killing the ducks and chickens we were raising in our yard. Between the hawks, coyotes and foxes we lost 80% of one batch of ducks. So in October we added a 6 Chinese hybrid geese to our yard. We ha […]
  • Golden Comet Laying Hens Have Arrived (Ashland) $15
    These popular birds are superb layers of huge brown eggs and lay year round better than most heritage breeds. Most of our customers who bought our Comets have been getting 7 eggs per week. They also have a very kind and gentle temperament. This bree […]
  • Speckled Sussex Pullet Chicks with Guarantee (Ashland) $6
    Speckled Sussex are one of the prettiest of the prettiest hens you'll ever see. This fine heritage breed tends do be extremely docile and friendly with people and can be a great pet bird to keep for its utility, beauty, and personal enjoyment. We ha […]
  • Your Hens Will Lay Larger Eggs (Ashland)
    Our hens are laying larger, darker brown eggs and more often. Sometimes the eggs are so large that the egg cartons won't close. Our feed bill is also much lower. Want to know the secret? We add trail mix in our poultry feed everyday. It is high in p […]
  • Superb Livestock Feed (Ashland) $10
    Peanuts are high in protein, mono-unsaturated fat and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals making them the perfect base for livestock food.They make a great substitute for soy and corn in feed rations. They are non-GMO too. Dunreath Super Pea […]
  • Adult Muscovy Duck Males and Females (Ashland)
    We have adult Muscovies that were hatched last spring. They have started laying eggs. This is top quality stock from French company Grimaund Freres. The males weigh between 12 and 16lbs. The females are around 6 to 8lbs. Common Muscovies rarely get t […]

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