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Dunreath Farm
13101 Ashland Road
Ashland, VA 23005

Quickly and Effectively Rid Your Yard of Ticks and Bugs

Each day our yard is patrolled by the ultimate in bug destroyers. They carefully and methodically cover the yard inch by inch from sun-up to sun-down. Who are the bug destroyers - Ducks.  If you are considering adding ducks to your flock, call to make an appointment to see our ducks at work.

Ducklings, Goslings, and Guina Keets Available Now!

Female Ducklings 

  • Pekins
  • Buff Orphingtons
  • Cayugas
  • Chocolate Runners
  • Magpies
  • Black Swedish
  • Blue Swedish

Ducklings are $12 each. We have a 3 duckling minimum

Sexed Goslings

Sexed Goslings available from our favorite breeds. We have:

  • African
  • Toulouse
  • American Buff
  • Saddle-back Pomeranian

Our sexed goslings are $20 each and we have a 2 gosling minimum.

Guinea Keets
We raise and offer Jumbo Pearl Guineas because they have proven to be much calmer and more cooperative about staying on our property. Our flock spend the day patrolling for bugs in each pasture and at night they come back to the barnyard to roost. If they see a predictor they announce it loudly so all the other birds know that danger is nearby. Our guinea hens are great egg layers too.

The keets are now 5 weeks old and are ready to live in an outside coop.

They are $10 each, 6 or more are $9 each. We have a 3 keet minimum.

Golden Comets Available in May

They will be available on May 28, 2016. You can reserve yours by pre-ordering. No credit card required. Pay when you pick up. They will be approximately 17 weeks old when they arrive and are at point of lay. They are just $16 each.

Click here to pre-order

Golden Comet Hen for sale

Golden Comet Hen

These popular birds are superb layers of huge brown eggs and lay year round better than most heritage breeds. Most of our customers who bought our Comets have been getting 7 eggs per week. They also have a very kind and gentle temperament.

We do not ship. You must pick up at our farm.

  • Chicken Keeping 101 Class (Ashland)
    Have you been yearning to try out backyard chicken keeping but don't know how to begin? Learn all about keeping chickens and ducks. Buying chicks or full-grown chickens, what to feed them, common ailments, kinds of coops, proper egg handling and more […]
  • Toulouse Geese Goslings (Ashland)
    We love Toulouse geese because they are very friendly and are non-aggressive..They do get tough when predators come around so they have been great protection for our other poultry. Sexed goslings are $20 each. On Dunreath Farm we have a passion for […]

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